One day on Earth

From the prompt: “One day on Earth…”

I have no idea what I am
Next, like the sea and the rain I am
A process going on, ongoing, made new
But the same, all water from one well

If I think in days I find
Only a house, no – a home
A few people in the same little site
Who flap at love and work by the hour

With clouds in their eyes
But if I think in water now and to come
Not hour or day, but Cedar and survival,
Collected moonlight and the deleted view

I would see past my own time on Earth
I would see the house in the living place (not is)
Wondering if I could leave a message
For the masses that come next

A beautiful one – a garden of years
Trees like candles in the evening
The heritage of my love for the world
-how it would evolve in the sun, its own home

And one day, some family stopped in this little place on Earth will find it

With thanks to:

Amelia Rice ᐧ Anna Wolf ᐧ Annie Percik ᐧ Anonymous ᐧ Anthony Burt ᐧ Ashen Munaweera ᐧ Fi Forrest ᐧ Gayathri Kandiah ᐧ Immy Reynolds ᐧ Joel Russel ᐧ John Cullen-Kennedy ᐧ Julia Kashdan-Brown ᐧ Julia LW ᐧ Julian Kashdan-Brown ᐧ Lesley McLean ᐧ Rebecca Reeve ᐧ Sara Murray ᐧ Sian Shore ᐧ Varun Devjani ᐧ Zoë MacPherson ᐧ Zoë Wells

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