BA: First Class Honours
English Literature &
Creative Writing
University of Warwick, 2016-2019

A-Levels: A*A*A* – English Literature/Language, Film Studies, Mathematics
AS-Level: A – French
St Laurence School, 2008-2015

My Creative Projects

Canal Poetry Route

Predictive Text Poetry Project

Unlatched Podcast

Our House is on Fire Blog


I have had my work published in: Green Ink Poetry, Popshot Magazine, Nothing in the Rulebook, The Story Seed, and other small magazines and journals.

I was also the headliner for the Rhyme and Reason Spoken Word Event in Bath, Nov. 2018.

CV – Jessica Kashdan-Brown

I am a hardworking individual who learns quickly, approaching all challenges with both creativity and enthusiasm. As a writer, I have a passion for creating compelling stories and communicating ideas clearly. My studies, interests, and professional experience have made me innovative and ambitious, and have provided me with extensive expertise in creating engaging content to a professional standard, as well as an aptitude for building strong, effective relationships with professionals, clients, and colleagues.  

Professional Experience

Freelance Work & Commissions (2019-Present)

As a freelancer, I have written for magazines, articles, blogs, reviews, and other forms of literature across a wide variety of sectors. This includes sustainability and climate change, languages, and jewellery history.

Comtrade, now part of Endava – (09/2019 – 12/2019)
Marketing Intern

I produced a range of professional company materials for the software development company Comtrade, including literature such as flyers, brochures, and official internal documents, as well as copy and content for web pages and social media.

Topping & Company Booksellers of Bath (2015-2020)

As a bookseller, I nurtured my interest in the latest publications, wrote reviews, offered excellent customer service, and helped to host events including promotion, set-up, and front-of-house.


Create The Future
I currently volunteer with Create The Future, a project focused on empowerment, inspiration and education on the climate crisis through imagination and creativity. I have written several blog posts for them.

I have recently spent around 4 months volunteering on a small permaculture project in a mountain village near Granada, Spain, where I have also been learning the language.

Climate Journal Project
For several months I was a guest blogger for The Climate Journal Project on themes of writing, eco-anxiety, and environmentalism.