Film Review: I Never Cry

A film review written for the Amplify! Film Festival and published on their website

I Never Cry is a moving, raw, and beautifully paced new film from director Piotr Domalewski. With a gritty, true-to-life tone that digs deep into the personal experiences of its young female protagonist, I Never Cry explores themes of loss, estrangement, connection, and responsibility with great deftness and honesty…

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This Place I Call Home

A creative non-fiction piece originally published on smple as a submission for Project Journal Entry: Reconnecting with Nature

These days I am finding that the garden we have, and the woodlands near our house, are what is keeping me sane. Without them, I don’t know what I would have done during this pandemic. And yet, it’s taken an event of this magnitude to…

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Noticing the Journey

A non-fiction piece originally published by Nothing in the Rulebook

One morning I was given a lift into work by my parents. I climbed into the middle seat of the back
and then spent a while leafing through emails on my phone, followed by aimlessly watching the road
blur above the dashboard until we arrived…

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Poetry on the Canals

An interview for, and originally published by, Kamena Magazine

Where did the initial concept for the project come from?

The shortcut answer to the question would be to say that the project came out of a piece of
coursework we were set, for an amazing module called The Practice of Poetry. But really,
the project has come out of a collection of things that are so much bigger than just that…

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