Predictive Text Poetry Project

An experimental poetry collaboration seeking to tap into the collective consciousness of the present moment surrounding climate change, the pandemic, and other current events…

June 23, 2020

Home – A Painting

Originally published in Green Ink Poetry – Collection 8: Roots

[Two thick square bands, intersecting]

I come from big windows
And open views over sevenfold hills
From the wildflower seams that spill-out
Their names – in quiet invocation…

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No Sleep

Originally published in Artificial Fever’s zine, The Art of No Sleep, based on their EP – No Sleep

It’s 3am; we drift along the road in your car, me at the wheel, you with your cigarette smoking itself out of the half-open window…

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Originally published on NEJE Writers, a platform for showcasing writing.

We watch with the lights off
Wide-eyed at our windows, whole landscapes apart
As ribbons scythe the clouds…

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Did You Know

Originally published in Popshot Magazine

That he worked here, at the ESA? Justo asks and
I say yes, because even if I never knew the letters for
Those sun-soaked buildings under Spanish skies

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4am Rain

Originally published in Kamena Magazine, Autumn Vol. 3, Issue #4

I woke the night it finally rained
With a desire to take myself outside and lie down
Among all the broken spines of estranged grass

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Canal Poetry Route

This project proposal is for the installation of six “transforming” poems within each of the Bath locks. Each poem is designed to be hidden under the upper waterline of the lock until it’s emptied. The poem is then revealed line by line, and with each additional line the poem takes on new meaning…

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