Creative Projects

Predictive Text Poetry Project

The Predictive Text Poetry Project is an experimental, collaborative poetry project. Your phone’s predictive text reflects the conversations you, personally, have been having recently, and can provide a powerful insight into the collective consciousness of the present moment.

Unlatched Podcast

Unlatched Podcast is an ongoing project run by Amy Hodkin and Jessica Kashdan-Brown, sharing spoken word and original music from one home to another. The podcast is a place for writers and musicians to share their work, bringing together performers and listeners in a way that respects the importance of social distancing.

Canal Poetry Route

This project proposal was for the installation of six “transforming” poems within each of the Bath locks. Each poem is designed to be hidden under the upper waterline of the lock until it’s emptied. The poem is then revealed line by line, with each additional line the poem taking on new meaning…


A playable game narrative

This narrative is intended as a taster for a longer first-person game, and was inspired by games such as Subnautica, Bioshock, and Soma.

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