Film Review: I Never Cry

A film review written for the Amplify! Film Festival and published on their website ___ I Never Cry is a moving, raw, and beautifully paced new film from director Piotr Domalewski. With a gritty, true-to-life tone that digs deep into the personal experiences of its young female protagonist, I Never Cry explores themes of loss, estrangement, connection, and responsibility with great deftness and honesty... Continue Reading

Poetry on the Canals

An interview for, and originally published by, Kamena Magazine ___ Where did the initial concept for the project come from? The shortcut answer to the question would be to say that the project came out of a piece of coursework we were set, for an amazing module called The Practice of Poetry. But really, the project has come out of a collection of things that are so much bigger than just that... Continue Reading