It Feels Like A Lifetime Ago

From the prompt: “It feels like a lifetime ago…”

Your face in the crescent of night
When you were in bed with me, just wondering
Sassafras showering the house with messy attention

We were finding a way from Spain to a single point in the future
A house in the middle of the hill
Morning in new sounds, the feel of a single new word

It was nice, not having to try so hard to look forward
To change, to move, to leave the country – like going for a walk
The future hawk-like, so much in the world, calling over us

The rest is history of course
Who knows what to say now – the hawk would not come back
But then, we could find another wavelength

That house and hill will still be a good idea in a couple of years
We said we would love it and we have, in wondering
We can wonder on, but for now

A chance to be sat in a cafe, bar, or restaurant with friends
Chatting, drinking, eating – to be hugged
PJs on a Thursday night and laughing into the ends of the house

It feels like a lifetime ago
I don’t think it’s any good, this walk back to nostalgia, to normal
And I have been social distancing from hope since the first time

But I was able to hear it today – like a beginning
Not Spain, not a hawk, but laughing – friends laughing
This – I would like to go forward with this at the soul of my future
All other “hopefully”s working on that

With thanks to:
Anonymous ᐧ Becky Brown ᐧ Fi Forrest ᐧ Michael Francis ᐧ Moira Gonzalez ᐧ Ruweyda Hassan ᐧ Ariane Hunter-Wade ᐧ David Hunter-Wade ᐧ Gayathri Kandiah ᐧ Leon Kashdan-Brown ᐧ Julian Kashdan-Brown ᐧ Julia Kashdan-Brown ᐧ Martha Kelly ᐧ Catherine Light ᐧ Ø Macioti ᐧ Zoe MacPherson ᐧ Jonathan Mann ᐧ Raffaela Martuccio ᐧ Lesley McLean ᐧ Sara Murray ᐧ Sam O’Connor ᐧ Anne-Julia Price ᐧ Immy Reynolds ᐧ Amelia Rice ᐧ Joel Russell ᐧ Ronna Sakowska ᐧ Jessica West ᐧ Morphe Digital Design

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