From the prompt: “Today I’m drawing energy from…”

With thanks to: 
Anonymous ∙ Julian Kashdan-Brown ∙ Catherine Light ∙ Julia Kashdan-Brown ∙ Lucinda Roberts ∙ Alex Scott ∙ Ariane Hunter-Wade ∙ Shelley Hope ∙ Willow Orton ∙ Amy Hodkin ∙ Ryan Carraro ∙ Dione Orrom ∙ Anthony Burt ∙ Joel Russell ∙ Leon Kashdan-Brown ∙ Lauren Aguilera Brown ∙ Zoë Wells ∙ Katie L. James ∙ Ben Tye ∙ David Hunter-Wade ∙ Bronwyn Calway ∙ Jonathan Goh ∙ Niki Jewett ∙ Jonathan Mann ∙ Kristian Latosinski ∙ Kayla ∙ Amelia Rice ∙ Mary Raftopoulos ∙ Jane Kibblewhite ∙ A. J. S., Esq. ∙ Dom Kippin ∙ Yasmin Norvill

There were a lot of anonymous submissions for this one, so I’ve credited “anonymous” once to cover all of those.

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