We Are Here To Help

From the prompt: “We are here…”

At the end of the day, we have to be here to help
We can have some good fun, our family together in the woods
Talk about it for a few days, analysing what the world needs
And what the government is doing
Or not doing
To find out what the best way is to make it happen
To do the best things with this place, here, at home
To do the work of the day
To be what the future should be like
We can do a good job with it, we have to
For my beautiful little girl
For the kids, for my mum, for more than one person
For us, for living, for a good reason

But I don’t want to have to wait until the end
To help with the world’s urgent request
And I’m sorry but if you’re gonna smile and
Then just go ahead and send it back, go clean your hair
And say you can do something about it later in the week
Get back to “normal”
Get in front of others for your next slots
Get the latest thing to be “happier”
Then I don’t think you are in the right place, yet

You cannot visit “doing a good thing” just for a while
We have to see what we can do in the moment
In the next few weeks
For a while longer than expected
We live in a series of opportunities
I hope you are aware of the garden, and view the full amount
I hope you’ve enjoyed it
Tonight, sit in the garden loving the rain
For this is a night to be out in it
Before the snow starts in the morning
On the day of the daisies

We are here to love, and hope, in all weather
You can come and join us any time, if you want
And we can chat about you and you can do something
You, with your family and friends, are the right person
To help with this important work in the world
Together we can do it
We are here to help you with your journey
In our frequently asked questions about the whole thing
We see you are afraid to do something that is important
You are not sure if you can

We are here for you, we are here to help you
It is as easy as doing stuff in the morning
Like, “If you have eggs then please let me know”
Like, what you have for dinner with him tonight
I know you can do that
We are going to be able to make sure you have a good time
The best time, for the rest of time
Yes, let’s do it
I know we can

With thanks to:
Zoë Wells ∙ Lucinda Roberts ∙ James Chadwick ∙ Anonymous ∙ Julian Kashdan-Brown ∙ Dan Walker ∙ Alex Scott ∙ Catherine Light ∙ Wendy Bibby ∙ Leon Kashdan-Brown ∙ Michael Francis ∙ Julia Kashdan-Brown ∙ A. J. S., Esq ∙ Katie L James ∙ Rachel Pryor ∙ Zoë MacPherson ∙ Ariane Hunter-Wade ∙ Joel Russell ∙ Bella Doyle ∙ Jonathan Mann ∙ A Girl’s Fiction Podcast ∙ Niki Jewett ∙ Willow Orton ∙ Anna Fiteni ∙ Dione Orrom ∙ Georgie Head ∙ Amelia Rice ∙ Immy Reynolds ∙ Jess Stiles ∙ poetryof_loren

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