Climate Change Is

From the prompt: “Climate Change is…”

Climate Change is the death of the year, and the rest of things
The murder of the summer and the sea, and weather as we know it
It’s the greatest existential threat for us
Carnage on our world, an absolute nightmare
It’s in the UK at the moment, I can see it:
Have a look at the sun – is that the same thing as last year?

It’s a massive, global scale problem,
Likely to take over the whole world, but it’s so hard
To get others to take it seriously
Is it me, or is Climate Change a bit too hard to understand for ignorant people?
Or I am wondering if something is going on
With my internal biases
With the things I see
Have I been existing in the real world?
It’s the most difficult thing I’ve seen for a while
This challenge to work together, if we don’t have a democracy

It’s a bit peak, but also, I don’t think it would be fair to say that I was laughing
This is not a problem to make light of, it’s not a good thing
But it’s a good way of getting people to see what they are
Climate Change is the most important thing in the world
The most important thing to me
But it’s not really something comfortable to think about
I hear, “it’s inevitable”
Or “out there is another world similar to this one, and we can have another go”

Or “it’s not a problem for us but for the government”
Who will debate, and say we have to wait until the end of this year
Have to wait for the day it’s a real threat to the biggest dogs –
That time will come
The number of people who are in poverty is the hard part
A lot of people are going on the road with their families
Going to look for comfort elsewhere, where the weather is not horrendous
We can help people understand that they are the most vulnerable
We have to help, or they will not be able to help us
And they will be us

To be able to live, we need to be a part of this country
To be part of this process of changing our environment, but for the better
Doing something to ensure that we improve the environment
Should not be seen as an alternative to making this country a great place
But as the best way to do it
It’s not too late for us and for our family – the little dogs –
To decide to have a good life

With thanks to:
Amy Hodkin ∙ Leon Kashdan-Brown ∙ Julia Kashdan-Brown ∙ Olivia Spalter ∙ Sara Murray ∙ Zoë MacPherson ∙ Charles Brewer ∙ Anja Črnivec ∙ Zoë Wells ∙ Amelia Rice ∙ Jonathan Mann ∙ Catherine Light ∙ Anna Wolf ∙ Owen Haywood ∙ Dila ∙ Ariane Hunter-Wade ∙ Georgie Head ∙ David Hunter-Wade ∙ Raffaela Martuccio ∙ Julian Kashdan-Brown ∙ Anonymous ∙ Ivy Kleban ∙ Bronwyn Calway

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