It’s All Lifting

From the prompt: “It’s all lifting…”

It’s all lifting
And we are heading east to the river
Just to know that the water is still there
Running and running

Catching up with the sun
That has gone down, but the land
Is still covered with it, picking up
A fine new certainty

My cautious hope needs to know
That moving forward can be beautiful


It’s all lifting up and off and forward
But the volume in my head has gone down
And there are eggs on the way to school
Carrying a bit of luck

I need to see what kind
So I have one with me, and I’m just running around
Up and down, up and down the hill with it, to see
If everything is going to be fine or not

I am carrying the egg,
Like I am carrying my anxiety, scared


It’s all lifting the lid
On the way I think, I have been tired
of being tired – exhausted by myself, I am ready
To get out of ‘normal’ – that careless cage

I have been covered by
The protective fencing of back to work again
Pressure, I am nervous, but I have to be like the water
My body aches for it

The honest love and challenges
Of changing

With thanks to:

Alex Scott • Amelia Rice • Ariane Hunter-Wade • Bella Doyle • Beth Angle • Camilla Frankish • Catherine Light • Dila Toplusoy • Ele Onora • Emma • Fi Forrest • Gayathri Kandiah • Georgie Head • Jess Stiles • Julia Kashdan-Brown • Julian Kashdan-Brown • Katie James • Leon Kashdan-Brown • Lesley McLean • Michael Francis • O. Macioti • Rebecca Morris • Sara Murray • Sara O’Rourke • Zara Shams • Zoe MacPherson

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