Predictive Text Poetry Project

Since the pandemic started, most of the conversations we might have been having with friends and family face-to-face have moved online — onto messaging apps and social media. The constantly updating custom dictionary of your specific phone reflects the conversations you, personally, have been having. What if there was a way to tap into that, and make something exciting with it?

Well, that’s what this experimental and collaborative poetry project is all about. Through this project, I believe that predictive text can provide a powerful insight into the collective consciousness of the present moment – and that is what I want to make poetry from.

For that, I need your help.

Here’s what you can do…

Make sure you have this page open on your phone. Fill in the form with your name and email , or submit anonymously, it’s up to you. In the message box, type out the prompt. This is your starting phrase to add to.

The current prompt is: One day on Earth…

Your phone should now present you with 3 words to choose between at the top of your phone keyboard. This is your predictive text. Select from these 3 words and then keep selecting until you reach the end of a phrase, or until you have around 25 words, then hit submit.

Over the next few days I will collate the submissions, make a selection, and craft a poem which will then be posted below on this page.

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It Feels Like A Lifetime Ago

From the prompt: “Today it snowed…” With thanks to: Anonymous ᐧ Becky Brown ᐧ Fi Forrest ᐧ Michael Francis ᐧ Moira Gonzalez ᐧ Ruweyda Hassan ᐧ Ariane Hunter-Wade ᐧ David Hunter-Wade ᐧ Gayathri Kandiah ᐧ Leon Kashdan-Brown ᐧ Julian Kashdan-Brown ᐧ Julia Kashdan-Brown ᐧ Martha Kelly ᐧ Catherine Light ᐧ Ø Macioti ᐧ Zoe MacPherson ᐧ Jonathan Mann ᐧ Raffaela Martuccio ᐧ Lesley McLean ᐧ Sara Murray…

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Today It Snowed

From the prompt: “Today it snowed…” With thanks to: Alex Scott ᐧ Amelia Rice ᐧ Amy Hodkin ᐧ Anonymous ᐧ Antique Animal Jewelry ᐧ Bella Doyle ᐧ Clementine Brown ᐧ David Hunter-Wade ᐧ Emily Sandstrom ᐧ Fi Forrest ᐧ Helen Sturt ᐧ Immy Reynolds ᐧ Jane Kibblewhite ᐧ Joel Russell…

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My Life On Our Planet

From the prompt: “My life on our planet…” With thanks to: Catherin Light · Julia Kashdan-Brown · Lesley McLean · Rafaela Martuccio · Zoë Wells · Niki Jewett · Rose Hallett · Michael Francis · Bella Doyle · @poetryof_loren · Oscar Davenport · Leon Kashdan-Brown · Julian Kashdan-Brown · Amelia Rice…

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The Days are Shorter Now

From the prompt: “The days are shorter now…” With thanks to: Patrick Ofosu ∙ Alex Scott ∙ Julia Kashdan-Brown ∙ Julian Kashdan-Brown ∙ Ivan Kashdan-Brown ∙ Zoë MacPherson ∙ Lucinda Roberts ∙ Helen Francis ∙ Catherine Light ∙ Joel Russell ∙ Amelia Rice ∙ Sara Murray…

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What Happens Now?

From the prompt: “What happens now…” With thanks to: Zoë Wells ∙ Bella Doyle ∙ Amelia Rice ∙ Charles Brewer ∙ Alex Scott ∙ Michael Francis ∙ Julian Kashdan-Brown ∙ Ariane Hunter-Wade ∙ Katie James ∙ Julia Kashdan-Brown ∙ Lucinda Roberts ∙ Sarah Mann ∙ Adrienne Maginness…

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There’s No Such Thing As

From the prompt: “There’s no such thing as…” With thanks to: Anonymous ∙ Emma Victoria Ferguson ∙ Julian Kashdan-Brown ∙ Dione Orrom ∙ Lucinda Roberts ∙ Julia Kashdan-Brown ∙ Sara Murray ∙ @poetryof_loren ∙ Ariane Hunter-Wade ∙ Alex Scott ∙ Amelia Duffield ∙ Willow Orton ∙ Reuben Cox ∙ Cat Martin ∙ Amy Hodkin ∙ Bella Doyle ∙ Zoë Wells ∙ Kate Brown ∙ Amelia Rice…

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Don’t Be Afraid

From the prompt: “Don’t be afraid of…” With thanks to: Joel Russell ∙ Zoe MacPherson ∙ Lottie Seymour ∙ Alex Scott ∙ Ben Tye ∙ Julian Kashdan-Brown ∙ Michael Francis ∙ Catherine Light ∙ Katie James ∙ Julia Kashdan-Brown ∙ Jonathan Mann ∙ Amy Hodkin ∙ @poetryof_loren ∙ Anja Črnivec…

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Climate Change Is

From the prompt: “Climate Change Is…” With thanks to: Amy Hodkin ∙ Leon Kashdan-Brown ∙ Julia Kashdan-Brown ∙ Olivia Spalter ∙ Sara Murray ∙ Zoë MacPherson ∙ Charles Brewer ∙ Anja Črnivec ∙ Zoë Wells ∙ Amelia Rice ∙ Jonathan Mann ∙ Catherine Light ∙ Anna Wolf ∙ Owen Haywood ∙ Dila …

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Now is the Time

From the prompt: “It feels like…” With thanks to: Ariane Hunter-Wade ∙ Julia Kashdan-Brown ∙ Zoë Wells ∙ David Hunter-Wade ∙ Helen Francis ∙ Raffaela Martuccio ∙ Maurice Samely ∙ Hannah Louise Murray ∙ Ioana Traistaru ∙ Amy Hodkin ∙ Wendy Bibby ∙ Jacq Bridge ∙ Casper Burton ∙ Hannah Davenport ∙ Julian Kashdan-Brown ∙ Sara Murray …

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From the prompt: “Peace is…” With thanks to: Tilly Street ∙ Robbie ∙ Catherine Light ∙ Ariane Hunter-Wade ∙ Aidan ∙ @nottmeg ∙ Jess Stiles ∙ Zoë Wells ∙ Jonathan Mann ∙ @siennafullerr ∙ Julia Kashdan-Brown ∙ Olivia Macioti ∙ @kitkat_kiw ∙ @poppy.ellanewton ∙ @india.mallorie ∙ @emily.parker.55 ∙ Hamidah Duffus ∙ Zoë MacPherson ∙ Bex Arthur ∙ @fd3bagota …

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We Are Here To Help

From the prompt: “We are here…” At the end of the day, we have to be here to helpWe can have some good fun, our family together in the woodsTalk about it for a few days, analysing what the world needsAnd what the government is doingOr not doingTo find out what the best way is … Continue reading We Are Here To Help


From the prompt: “Today I’m drawing energy from…” With thanks to: Anonymous ∙ Julian Kashdan-Brown ∙ Catherine Light ∙ Julia Kashdan-Brown ∙ Lucinda Roberts ∙ Alex Scott ∙ Ariane Hunter-Wade ∙ Shelley Hope ∙ Willow Orton ∙ Amy Hodkin ∙ Ryan Carraro ∙ Dione Orrom ∙ Anthony Burt ∙ Joel Russell ∙ Leon Kashdan-Brown ∙ Lauren … Continue reading Returning

A Love Letter To Walking

From the prompt: “When I’m out walking…” With thanks to: Amelia Rice ∙ Ben Tye ∙ Leon Kashdan-Brown ∙ Zoë MacPherson ∙ Catherine Light ∙ James Chadwick ∙ Kate Brown ∙ Vani ∙ David Hunter-Wade ∙ Rachel Pryor ∙ Raffaela Martuccio ∙ Amy Hodkin ∙ Dan Walker ∙ Dione Orrom ∙ Willow Orton ∙ Julia Kashdan-Brown … Continue reading A Love Letter To Walking

Going Forward: A Suggestion

From the prompt: “Perhaps the world needs…” With thanks to: Anonymous ∙ Ariane Hunter-Wade ∙ Jane Kibblewhite ∙ Sara Murray ∙ Hannah Davenport ∙ Darren Stronach ∙ Lucinda Roberts ∙ Catherine Light ∙ Dove Cooper ∙ Jennifer Taylor ∙ Dom Kippin ∙ Julia Kashdan-Brown ∙ Kate Brown ∙ Nick Levitt ∙ Anna Fiteni ∙ Callum … Continue reading Going Forward: A Suggestion

The Story of a Tree

From the prompt: “The tree is…” With thanks to:Lucinda Roberts ∙ Anthony Burt ∙ Zoë Wells ∙ Penelope Kease ∙ Julia Kashdan-Brown ∙ Jess ∙ Sophia Akhtar ∙ Holly Burrows ∙ Blythe Germ ∙ Dec Price ∙ Jonathan Mann ∙ Owen Haywood ∙ Jonathan Goh ∙ Catherine Light ∙ Iona ∙ Yasmin Norvill ∙ Anonymous … Continue reading The Story of a Tree

A Diary of Isolation

From the prompt: “Today I’ve been…” With thanks to: Julia Kashdan-Brown ∙ Immy Reynolds ∙ James Chadwick ∙ Rob Cooke ∙ Sue Wells ∙ Michael Francis ∙ Sam O’Connor ∙ Kayla ∙ Anna Wolf ∙ Ryan Carraro ∙ Kathryn Llewellyn ∙ Steffy Clements ∙ Katy Baldock ∙ Anthony Burt ∙ Simon Huthwaite ∙ A. J. … Continue reading A Diary of Isolation