Film Review: I Never Cry

A film review written for the Amplify! Film Festival and published on their website ___ I Never Cry is a moving, raw, and beautifully paced new film from director Piotr Domalewski. With a gritty, true-to-life tone that digs deep into the personal experiences of its young female protagonist, I Never Cry explores themes of loss, estrangement, connection, and responsibility with great deftness and honesty... Continue Reading

There’s No Such Thing As

From the prompt: "There's no such thing as..." With thanks to: Anonymous ∙ Emma Victoria Ferguson ∙ Julian Kashdan-Brown ∙ Dione Orrom ∙ Lucinda Roberts ∙ Julia Kashdan-Brown ∙ Sara Murray ∙ @poetryof_loren ∙ Ariane Hunter-Wade ∙ Alex Scott ∙ Amelia Duffield ∙ Willow Orton ∙ Reuben Cox ∙ Cat Martin ∙ Amy Hodkin ∙ Bella Doyle ∙ Zoë Wells ∙ Kate Brown ∙ Amelia Rice... Continue reading